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Cyclos supports various languages. A language can be changed directly in the administration section of Cyclos (Settings - Local settings - Language). New languages can be added to Cyclos. Before starting a new translation it is good to have a thorough knowledge of the functionalities and the working of Cyclos. An explanation about the working of Cyclos can be found at manuals in Cyclos (Help - Manual)

Files to translate

All translation files can be found in the full install package (
The following translation files exist:

  • Cyclos translation keys files:
    • (can be found in the directory: /cyclos3_impl/src/nl/strohalm/cyclos/setup/). This file contains the translation for the initial database setup (account names, group names etc). If you want the database to use a initial database other then English you should change the language tag 'cyclos.embedded.locale' in the file.
      Note: This file very important. When translation keys are empty the initial database creation and migration can fail.
    • (can be found in the directory: /cyclos_version_nr/web/WEB-INF/classes/)
      This file contains the software translations (menu and window items and messages). The 'keys' are on the left of the equal signs (=) and should be left in English. The part to translate is on the right after the equal (=) signs. You do not have to modify the words between or after # and \ signs. For example \n or \#login\#
  • Help files

There are 32 help files that can be found in the directory /cyclos_version_nr/web/pages/general/translation_files/helps/en_US/. A help file normally describes a specific function or module (e.g. 'advertisements'). The help files can be seen in Cyclos when clicking on the help icons in the function windows. In the menu option 'Help - Manual' all help files are listed, and can be viewed and printed separately or as one page. Some help files contain sub sections. For example the 'account management' help file have sub items as: currencies, accounts, account fees, transaction types etc.

  • SMS translation keys files:
    • (translation keys for the SMS controller software, just one key for the moment)
    • (translation keys for the SMS operation messages)
    • (translation keys for the SMS errors)
  • Smartphone app translation

Cyclos version 3.7 and higher support a mobile phone app. Currently apps are available for Android and Iphone and a Blackberry app will follow soon. If you want to use the mobile app and it is not available you can download the translation files.

  • Cyclos-mobile_app-translations.xls

This is used to translate the smart phone application. For each language there is a separate column for each translation key (in the tab Translations). When you create a new translation for a certain language the easiest thing is to replace an existing language (e.g. Dutch). When done translating please check the tabs "Headings", "Buttons" and "Other". Here you can check the column for your language and check if any of the translations are too long.

  • Cyclos-mobile_app_stores_translation.xls

Here you can translate the texts that will be shown in the app stores (google play, itunes and blackberry). The first tab are the translations for google play, but these will also be used for the other smartphones. Please check the tab validation if the names are not to long. Itunes also uses keywords, these can be translated in the tab "apple itunes keywords".

How to edit

For the application properties (main language file) the best is to use a plain text editor. Take care that you do not change any text at the left of the = signs in the application properties file. You can use any accents or special characters (like é, ñ etc) directly.

All the help files and static files in html format (with .jsp extension). You only have to make sure not to modify anything within html tags. Therefore it is helpful to have a basic understanding of html. Please do not use a wwysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor because they often mesh up the code. We suggest to use a (plain) text editor with (html) syntax highlighting like pspad (windows) or gedit (linux/gnome). You will have to make sure that the editor is set to use the coding UTF-8. With html syntax highlighting on you just have to make sure that you only modify the black text (and not the colored tags).

How to submit

For the translation to show up as new language option in Cyclos (local settings) it needs to be added by the Cyclos development team. Before sending the (to please make sure that:

  • All files are in the UTF-8 encoding format
  • All the files have the same name and extension as they where downloaded (see above 'files to translate')
  • Are the files are up to date with the latest release? There might changes or new keys / help files, this can be checked in the changelog.txt (available in the download packages)

Note: The translation of the help files is considerable work. If properties files are ready you can send them so that we can include them already in Cyclos. The help files can be added in a later stage.

Notes / Tips

  • If you have problems retrieving the translation files please send an e-mail to We will send them to you.
  • The translation files of the SMS module can be found at the SMS Translation page.
  • In the editor. Take much care with ‘find & replace’ functions. It can be a good help but there is a high risk making changes that you do not want.
  • If you want to know to what helpfile a help icon in a Cyclos window is pointing you can see the help file and anchor name in the status bar of the browser when you hover with your mouse pointer over the help icon. Sometimes this option is deactivated by default in the browsers. For example in firefox you can enable it in the advanced options of JavaScript, check 'Change status bar text'
  • Before posting it would be good to review the translation in a running Cyclos instance. In Cyclos you can view the helps by going to menu: Help - Manual and the separate sections by selecting the help icons in the function windows. Be aware that the manual and helps can display different information according to the type of logged user (operator, member, broker, admin)
  • If more than one person works on the translation it is good that one person coordinates the translation to be sure used termonology is consistant. Normally this person would do also a final review before submitting (see above ´How to Submit´)
  • When the translation is added to Cyclos any translation (application key, help or static file) can be modified from the administration section of Cyclos (Translations menu).