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Cyclos come with a POS (Point Of Sale) module that allows operations at POS devices (usually card readers), POS software installed at a PC, or the POSweb page that is integrated in Cylos. Cyclos comes with extended functions to manage both POS devices and cards. Normally cards (credit or debit) are used to do operations at a POS but this is not obligatory. It is also possible to have the identification done manually (for example by typing the account number). The POS and card modules are very flexible. Information about the POS and card management can be found in the Cyclos manual (version 3.6, admin section - menu: access devices).

The POSweb page that is an integrated part of Cyclos (yourdomain.org/cyclos/posweb and can be used for POS operations (with our without cards). Cyclos 3.6 supports printing to local receipt printers.

At the moment we are working on POS software that can connect via a webservices API to Cyclos. The software, programmed in Java, can be installed either at a PC or in a POS device. We are still looking for a programmable POS device]. Any help would be welcome.