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The mobile Cylcos app is available for most used smart phones (Android, Iphone, BlackBerry). The local app allows basic operations such as payment, contact management and view user profiles. At a later stage other features can be added if requested.

For the development we use the open source framework Phonegap which allows to develop the app in a single environment and deploy it for all main mobile phone platforms (Android, IPhone, BlackBerry, Windows phone, webOS, symbian).

In the diagram from Gartner (2011 Q4) the smart phone usage is shown. Since almost 75 percent of the smartphones is Android and iOS first the application will be published for these platforms. Later can also compile the app for Blackberry and if requested Symbian.

Supported phones:

  • Ios 4.3 and above (Ipad 1 and higher, Iphone 3GS and higher, Ipod)
  • Android 2.1 and above
  • BlackBerry 6.0 and above

The download stores are listed at the Mobile app page of the Cyclos site.

The source code of the mobile app can be downloaded at the Source forge site.

Q4 2011 Gartner.png

Getting started


In only a few steps the Cyclos can be configured to work with the mobile App:

  • Makes sure you are running Cyclos 3.7 or above.
  • Login in Cyclos as admin:
    • Go to: Settings > Channels > External applications, make sure the correct user identification and credentials are set. These are used to login the application with the app.
    • Go to: Users & Groups > Permission Groups > Full members (the groups that will use the mobile app), select "External applications" under "Accessible channels" and "Default channels" (this gives the users permission to login to Cyclos with the mobile app). If necessary enable this channel for other groups that want to use the mobile app.
    • For existing users use bulk actions to enable the channel "External applications". Go to: Users & Groups > Bulk Actions and select the Enable/disable channels action.
    • Go to: Accounts > Manage Accounts > Select the account users are allowed to make payments from with the mobile app > Select the payment type used to make payments with the mobile app > Enable "External applications" under "Channels". Now this payment type can be used trough the mobile app. If necessary enable more payment types for the mobile app. (If you use the default database you can do it as follows: Account > Manage Accounts > Member Account > External Trade Transfer > Change > Select Channels as needed > Submit)
  • Make sure to let your users now which url they can use to connect to the app:
    • This is the Cyclos root url, e.g.: (this depends on the name in tomcat).
    • The app automatically put the http(s) in front of the URL so please don't put this in front of the URL you give to your users.
    • If the Cyclos root URL is a bit ugly you can create a text file called "cyclosMobileRedirect.txt" and only put in this text file the Cyclos root url (nothing more). E.g.: the text file contains the text "" and is uploaded here, then the users only need to enter the address in the application. This address is saved by the app. Note: make sure the only text the file contains is the url, no spaces or enters before or after the url.
    • For more info see Mobile_App:_Technical_overview#REST_services.


  • Download and install the app.
  • Enter the cyclos URL supplied by your admin/system (this will be saved).
  • Login the application and you are good to go, see the help file for more information.