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The main access of Cyclos is the on-line (web) access. Over the last years we noticed a growing demand for additional 'low level' delivery channels like mobile phones (WAP/SMS) and POS (Point Of Sale) devices. Especially in sectors as micro finance and community banking there is a lack of easy and affordable tools to operate payment systems. Extending the Cyclos platform with mobile channels will allow organizations and companies to reach a wider public. We hope that the addition of mobile channels will open possibilities to include new sectors, such as remittances (money sent home by migrants), consumer loyalty programs, mobile shops, taxi payments, parking, and campus payment systems.

A clear advantage of SMS banking is that most mobile phones and mobile phone companies support SMS. SMS messaging has been around a long time, in both the developed world as well as in developing countries, and many people are familiar with its use. Historically SMS messaging was not considered a serious candidate for banking services, but with the improvements of technologies over the last years, like encryption and faster delivery times, many mobile banking providers have adopted SMS messaging for their mobile banking services. The Cyclos SMS module uses plain SMS messages what means that the module has no dependence on specific manufacturers of mobile phones.

The SMS module is separate software that connects to Cyclos at one end and to a mobile phone operator or SMS gateway provider at the other end. The communication between Cyclos/SMS and the operators is commonly done via a direct communication channel. As as an alternative a local modem can be used for the connectivity with the operators. This could be useful for example for smaller projects in remote areas. With just a computer running Cyclos/SMS and a local attached Modem or mobile phone it would be possible to operate a payment system. The administration could be done locally at the computer via the web interface and the users would do the operations via SMS. Details about the possible configurations can be found at the Setup & Installation page.

SMS operations

The SMS module allows users to operate with Cyclos via SMS messages. The following operations are available:
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