IVR: Introduction

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Currently we are working on an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) module that will allow operations similar to the SMS operations. IVR operations can be initiated by calling from a mobile phone or landline to an automatic phone central (PBX). When the PBX answers the client can choose an operation from an audio menu by typing on the telephone keypad or by speech recognition.

IVR is considered the most ‘easy to use’ access channel for telephone banking. The IVR module will be build upon the open source IVR/PBX software www.asterisk.org. This PBX software is very flexible, it allows process flows to be added, modified or delegated. Because of the use of the VoIP (voice over IP) protocol the asterisk PBX can handle much larger call volumes than traditional PBX systems.

With an IVR/PBX it is possible to deploy some interesting features such as authentication by speech recognition and hands free operations. The PBX/IVR can be extended with other typical IVR operations. For example a menu option can be added that will route the call to a support center (to be attended by support operators or a call center voice program).

Communication between other Cyclos modules will be possible. For example, a payment done by IVR can be confirmed by an e-mail and/or SMS. IVR does also support outbound calls. This means that a payment request initiated from Cyclos can generate a call to a client requiring to confirm a payment request.