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There are various sources of information about the Cyclos functionality.

  • The Cyclos project site has a Functionality list and also describes the planned modules and functionalities.
  • Cyclos manuals. Logged in at Cyclos you can find the manuals at the menu: Help - Manual. The content of the manual will depend on the type of user (role) that is logged. This can be operator, member, broker or admin. The manual is categorized in sub modules (e.g. advertisements, loans, payments etc.)
  • Any function in Cyclos is presented in a separate function window. Every function window in Cyclos has its own help icon that will open a pop-up window that displays a section of the manual that is relevant for function.
  • Cyclos forum The Cyclos forum has a topic called Functionality & Features. In this section existing and required functions can be discussed.